Richard Morrill for New Jersey Governor

‚ÄčNew Jersey Citizen and Voter- Why I am running for Governor.

The State of New Jersey needs Richard Morrill.  A person who has no objectives beyond a strong desire to see that the hardworking people have a responsible government.  Of all the great and wonderful things there are about this state, good government is not one of them. Never has been and will not ever be.  Unless you send Richard Morrill to the Statehouse.

I am running because you, the people need me.  I am running because there is no other person, Republican or Democrat who will take on the fight that needs to be waged. Others pretend to care.  But in the end they are professional politicians and really harbor a single objective. Their careers.  In the end, they will do nothing, as they have always done nothing.  They will defend their political status and nothing will change.

I, Richard Morrill, will make the changes that will ultimately allow this state to become and remain financially sound.  They will not. I will.  I will make New Jersey livable.

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